One Day in Chicago: From Land to Water Activities



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23 thoughts on “One Day in Chicago: From Land to Water Activities

  1. omg!! A post about CHICAGO!!! Grant Park looks stunning, I have always loved art pieces in the middle of parks, makes everything more legit. I definitely should check out that Navy Pier, it looks exactly like Waterfront , VAncouver Canada. HAve you been there?

    1. I have been to Vancouver several times, and it’s got it’s similarities. You’ll love Chicago.

  2. I feel bad that my 2012 visit to Chicago didn’t feature *any* of this. Shopping at Kohl’s and getting some deep dish pizza before seeing The Dark Knight Rises is about the extent of my tourism there.

    I don’t even have the cliched shot next to The Bean!

    I’ll have to keep this in mind for if I ever visit my friends there again.

    1. Lol! Sometimes it’s just not in the cards to get to the tourist sites. Hopefully, you have another chance to visit and take some of them in!

  3. I’m from the US but I’ve still never been to Chicago! So many of my friends love it though, so I’ll have to take a trip over there eventually.

  4. Wow I think Chicago must be my cup of tea. I like the combination of riverside and the modern buildings, it seems they also planned for people to take a rest in the greenery, when the city plans were made. Thanks for daily schedule – indeed it is hard to choose things to do in big cities like this!

    1. Chicago is one of those cities that feels like home. That combination you speak of gives it a sense of both history and progression. It’s amazing!

  5. This is a great guide! I’ve always said that if I ever visit the US I’d go to Chicago. I read about the “Bean” from some book (forgot which) so I’m quite pleasantly surprised that it’s main purpose is to reflect the skyline (not distort one’s face). Definitely bookmarking this for reference.

    1. As you know I can pack in a lot in one day, so with 20 hours, there are tons you can see and do! I don’t like to waste a single minute.

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