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Looking for amazing accommodations for your next vacation? You’ve come to the right place.

Need booking advice? Want to know the best places to stay or are wondering how to get amazing deals? Wanderlust Wayfarer has tips and tricks to make sure you find just the right places to stay to suit your tastes and budget.

London Hotel Review: Hazlitt’s in Soho

Hazlitt's is my new favorite London hotel. And no, they're not paying me or giving me any special perks for ...
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Cambodia Hotel Review: Golden Temple Residence in Siem Reap

Golden Temple Residence in Siem Reap is a golden experience. Our awesome experience with the Golden Temple Residence in Siem ...
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Pro Tips for Booking Hotels that Make You Happy

Booking hotels for a big trip is often super stressful. You want to make sure you're not disappointed when you arrive ...
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Cheap Places to Stay

Cheap Places to Stay: 5 Tips for Luxe Accommodations at Affordable Rates

I like a nice hotel. But I especially like when I find cheap places to stay that make me feel ...
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