Half-Day Guides

Spend part of a day exploring the very best a city or cruise port has to offer.


Sometimes, you only have a few hours to spend in a city or town. You may just be passing through on your way to your final destination. Or perhaps you’re part of a tour group. It’s hard to know the best ways to spend the what little time you have in these places. When the cruise ships come in, port towns come to life. Seaside markets, unique boutiques, and souvenir shops abound. There’s often a lot to see right outside your door, but there are also options to venture beyond the basics to see more of the local culture and sights.

How do you decide what to do? Here’s where I can help. I’ll provide ideas for different ports of call, as well as the best ways to learn more about what’s available to do and see at each location.

5 Hours in Punta del Este, Uruguay: From Beautiful Beaches to Urban Delights

Punta del Este is paradise defined. With its glistening azure waters and stunning sandy beaches, it's hard to imagine a more ...
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Five Hours in Halifax: From Peggy’s Cove to the Pier

Halifax is a pretty little city along Canada's east coast. Located in Nova Scotia, one of Canada's Maritime provinces, Halifax ...
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Five Hours in Portland, Maine: From Lighthouses to Little Towns

Portland, the largest city in Maine, is a common port for East-Coast cruises starting out of New York City. This ...
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Five Hours in Boston: Tea Parties to Public Gardens

Boston is a big city with a lot to see in only five hours. It’s quite possible to take in ...
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Five Hours in Ensenada: Guacamole and Guided Tours

Ensenada isn't the kind of place you dream of going. But that doesn't mean it's not a ton of fun ...
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Five Hours on Catalina Island: Avalon Adventures

Catalina Island may be small, but there is no shortage of fun to be had once your feet hit solid ...
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Five Hours in Tangier: From the Medina to the Markets

When the ships come in, Tangier comes alive. With only a few hours in port, you'll need to hustle to take ...
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Five Hours in Funchal: From Gondolas to Street Toboggans

One of the best parts of cruising is going to places you might not have otherwise considered, like Funchal, Madeira ...
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