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Are you looking for a place were you can reach professional women who love to travel? Then look no further. Wanderlust Wayfarer is a travel and cruise blog. I offer advice about how to get the most out of limited vacation days. I target women who like to lavish themselves while traveling. But they have a shoestring budget to do it with. They also enjoy staying on top of fashion trends.


Wanderlust Wayfarer is known for its jam-packed itineraries. I offer ideas about how to get the most out of only a day or two in a single destination. From traditional sights to off-the-beaten-path ideas, I have something for everyone. I also provide general travel tips and tricks and offer advice about budget-friendly travel options.


Since launching in June 2016, my audience has grown quickly and steadily. Each month, my Pinterest page earns 130,000 views, I have more than 5,000 Twitter followers, and my site receives about 4,500 page views per month. In addition, I actively post photos of my adventures to Instagram and record Facebook Live updates when I’m on the road.

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