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As much as I love fashion, I also love comfort.

Sweatpants are my best friend around the house, but I also believe in dressing for the occasion. From what to wear on the plane to planning the perfect outfit for a destination wedding, you’ll find everything you need right here. And you’ll find it all fits comfortably within your shoestring budget. I love to wear high-end clothing, but I never pay full price. Getting a $300 dress for $65 is easy as pie if you know where to look and when to buy. And I love to buy special outfits for all of my travels.

Find out everything you need to know about what to wear at different times of year, in different parts of the world, and for different types of activities.

tropical vacation packing list

The Only Item You Need on Your Topical Vacation Packing List

Wondering what to pack for your tropical vacation? Putting together the perfect tropical vacation packing list is always a challenge ...
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Do I Need Formal Wear on a Cruise?

When it comes to cruising, everyone always has questions about formal wear. Do you need it, or don't you? That ...
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Layer Up: Packing for the Transition Season

The transition season can be a packing nightmare. The only way to go is to layer up. As we move ...
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Transition Season Travel Shoes

It’s hard not to pack 10 pairs of shoes during transition season.   With a cool chill in the autumn ...
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Swimwear: What to Wear Poolside on Vacation

Choosing the right swimwear for a week away is a daunting task. No matter how much you work out or ...
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Cruise Wear Tips for Getting on the Ship

Cruise wear is a fashion phenomenon all its own. The cruise wear you choose for embarkation day depends on several factors ...
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Travel Tips to Help You Dress Like a Local

One of the best travel tips I can offer is to do what you can to avoid looking like a ...
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Putting Together the Perfect Airplane Outfit

You want to look good and feel great in your airplane outfit. I remember a time when going on a ...
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Autumn Camping Essentials: Packing for the Season

Autumn is a time of transition, which can wreak havoc with your wardrobe. You need to pack certain camping essentials ...
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Packing Light: 5 Easy Outfits for a Night Out

Packing light is always a challenge, especially when you’re cruising. Every woman wants to look good, even when she's working with ...
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